Time for clarify Deadwood Peak

One of the main reasons why I love unplugging is how the peacefulness of nature helps calm a busy mind. With 14 miles of hiking, I had plenty of time to think about, remember, learn, prioritize, clear up, connect, and realize so many current thoughts and ideas that were floating around in my head.

Although I added more to my To Do list, I don’t consider these line items as a burden or a chore, but as an opportunity to expand my knowledge, experience the world around me, and to better myself as a person.

Below are some of my thoughts/To Dos I wrote down during this #UnplugYou weekend.

To Do
Get second 27gal tub to store camping gear
Ask Matt to make grill for MSR stove
Create AM and PM To Do list on metal strip
Pick up that guitar!
Plan Daniel’s SF visit (Cancun, Zeitgeist, Mt. Tam, Twin Peaks, Tattoos!!!, park chill session)
Recheck health insurance coverage
Watch Twenty Feet from Stardom
Watch Stand by Me again
Watch Before Sunset
Put together “The most badass films” list: Top Gun, Point Break, Stand by Me…
Email Freakanomics. “Why are there so many hot women in Russia?” (For Joseph and Andy)
Use free tix to Castro theatre
Plan AUG outdoor weekends
Plan HMB weekend
Start training plan for half-marathon trail run
Send ITB YouTube vids to Joseph
Get CA park map / Put on foam board / Buy map pins
Redesign unplugyou.com site (low priority)
Buy another pair of commuter jeans
Get new Merrell barefoot shoes (runningwarehouse.com)
SF Green roofs website (Send to Joseph and Andy)
Block one-half day out each week (and Sunday mornings) for me: Confidence, side projects, guitar, etc (high priority)

Look Into
Elimination diet. Keep journal / Look more into “Super Immunity” book
Cooking classes in SF
Origami kayak price
Free REI workshops
Improv classes
Learn more about nuts
Road ID band

Birthday Day Ideas
Woods Lake (El Dorado / Hwy 88)
AirBnB cabin
Hang glide
Sam P Taylor
Mt. Shasta
VW Bus SF tour (website?)
Japantown / Mystery room game

Camping Gear/To Get
Eat’n tool
Double ended spoon / fork
Camel back (2L)
Salt/Pepper container
Goodhew socks
3 legged stool
Osprey: EXOS 48L bag
Sea to Summit bag(s)
Build a better First Aid kit (Put Icy hot in camping bag)

“No limits to fun”
Manifest that jank!!!
Rent-a-car Rally Race
Recurly for GOOD SF events

Joseph, Andy, and I hiked up to Deadwood Peak (9,434ft) in the Mokelumne Wilderness. Total out and back: ~14mi.