Summer 2016 Canyon Creek Lakes and Boulder Creek Lakes

Memorial weekend is the sign of summer starting. (Wait, it’s already summer? Where is the time going?) Taking advantage of the long weekend, one of my best buddies, Joseph, and I headed north on I-5 towards Shasta-Trinity Alps. We needed to get away from the city for a bit and found a part of Trinity Alps and a route that was new to us. From Friday to Monday, we spent our days hiking, taking in the beautiful views, and eating lots of carbs and protein.

Joseph and I met six years ago through Project M, which allowed us to both moved to Half Moon Bay, CA to work on M and other endeavors. Not knowing anyone in the area, we relied on each other to be our “adventure buddies” as we explored Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, and the Bay Area. We became good friends in the process as we’ve done, seen, experienced, and shared a lot during the last few years.

During this backpacking trip, we decided to put together a list of even more things we wanted to do (or do again) this summer. Why? Because life isn’t meant to sit there and watch the “Man, I always wanted to do ___.” pile up on your To-Do plate.

Here’s a thought… perhaps it’s the experiences in life, not the stuff we own, that should be cherished and appreciated. Perhaps it’s the people you do them with and the memories created that make you feel a sense of belonging. Perhaps it’s the new things you discover about you and your world that can leave a lasting impression on your soul.

Oops. I’m digressing.

Our list is below. We might finish all of them before summer ends, we might not. We might add more things to this list, we might not. Regardless, we’re going to have a blast.

Backpack the Lost Coast
Because it’s been on our Camping Must Do list for the last six years. It’s time we take this on. Who’s in?

Joshua Tree
Another on the Camping Must Do list. I haven’t taken advantage of the outdoors SoCal has to offer as much as I should. Again, who’s in?

Train to Portland + Fly fishing
I’ve never been to Portland, OR. My buddy Sage lives up there taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors it has to offer. Joseph and Sage have never met. What better opportunity to introduce these two kids than experiencing the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest together and learn fly fishing?

Universal Studios
Theme parks are fun. Plus, it’ll be good to see family in LA.

YamaSho Sushi
I love sushi. Really looking forward to this place.

SF Giant’s game
Finally time to see what all the fuss is about ;)

Float Tank
Because being in a sensory deprivation tank sounds cool as shit and I want to do it. I’ve heard great things from people doing this. Can’t wait.

Byron’s Cabin in Tahoe
Hey, Byron. We’re inviting ourselves to your cabin for a work-week in the woods. We hope you don’t mind.

Half Moon Bay Day!
Where it all began: Happy Taco, Mavericks, Purisima Creek trail.

GoCar through SF
Why not be a tourist on your own city and drive one of these things.

Quick! There’s only 13 weeks of summer left. Let’s get the adventure started.