Screw 32 Mt. Shasta & Castle Crags

I just turned 32 and damn, do I feel great! Each year, I’m learning more and more about myself, about the people around me, about my profession, about everything under the sun.

31 was an interesting year with lots of ups and downs; I hit rock bottom with my self-confidence, I left my startup after just 12 months, I finally moved to San Francisco, meet new friends, found myself back in the dating scene, had a crush on a girl, rediscovered family, rediscovered my self-confidence, and started my first/very own startup. Boy, what a year!

Because of the last 12 months, I’ve been thinking a lot about the next 12 months and how I will navigate through these next 52 weeks. Being more transparent, feeling comfortable in my own skin, opening up to others, learning new skills… these are just some of the new things that I will keep in mind while moving through my inner thoughts and outer actions.

I’m adopting a new mantra, “Screw 32.” This phrase will serve two purposes.

One; it will remind me that my body will ache more due to aging, but that’s no excuse to not push myself. I still want to find my limits, whether that’s jogging that extra mile, cycling up a steep grade, or staying up for 24+ hours. I will not let my age determine what I can and cannot do. (For now at least.)

Two; When I have doubt in myself, when I have a feeling of sticking my head back into my shell, when I feel slightly uncomfortable, I will use this phrase to encourage myself to lean into the situation. From now on, I do not want simple, silly thoughts or situations block me from being me, from experiencing life, people, and feelings. I think I’ve been doing an okay job at this thus far, but there’s always room for improvement. I feel that the real me is on the verge of presenting itself to the world—the real me shining at 100%.

For my 32nd birthday, a group of us explored Mt. Shasta and Castle Crags State Park over the holiday weekend.


Why Screw 32? It’s a reference to an old punk band from the East Bay in CA.

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