On Being Bold Yosemite National Park

Joseph, Ryan, Melissa, and I spent four days in Yosemite this past weekend. We were all ready for our time in the outdoors—outside of the rat race here in SF. After some planning, we had our route; Tuolumne Meadows—Glen Aulin—Sunrise HSC—Cathedral pass. With our bear boxes full, DEET handy, and our various energy bars in arms reach, we set off for 26 miles.

It’s been about six months since I posted here. I haven’t not unplugged, I’ve actually unplugged a number of times since. I’ve camped along the coast near Salt Point SP, took a spontaneous solo-trip north to visit Mendocino National Forest, and hung out in Guerneville for the weekend at an AirB&B. I’ve come back to SF with lots of clarity and a slightly longer to-do list.

I haven’t been posting here lately because I either have nothing worth sharing when I return or I have that one thing to say that is so true, so real that I fear repercussions for opening up and sharing my thoughts with you all—more specifically with a small number of you.

I’ve been practicing “being bold” for quite sometime now. I’ve been trying to be more authentic and real with those in my life; saying what needs to be said and doing things that need to be done, even if those words or actions make me feel uncomfortable.

These outdoor trips allow me to work through some things personally and professionally. I come back refresh, energized, and ready to step even more into my true self. Although, stepping into my true self is not a selfish act, it has a ripple effect, it affects those around me. The person returning on that Sunday is not the same person who left just a few days before.

Some have witnessed my bold acts directly while others indirectly experience a different me, for better or worse. Every unplugged weekend, much like every book I read, or every meaningful interaction I have with someone helps me better understand myself and in turn, fuels my actions.

I’m realizing that the scary part in all of this isn’t the act of being bold, but the possibility that being bold might turn away those around me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing anything drastic—simply exploring unknown territories within myself, seeing what happens, and taking note. Exciting stuff.