About UnplugYou

Logout, turn off, and unplug.
(Even if it’s just for a little bit.)

UnplugYou is a practice in unplugging from the distractions of notifications, phone calls, and full inboxes. It is a movement that encourages distance between us and our digital devices, so our minds can wonder and connect disparate thoughts to help with clarity and focus. This is not about being anti-technology, but rather being pro-balance while living in our connected world.

About Marc O’Brien
Marc is the co-founder of The Determined, a collective of designers, makers, doers—rebels hell bent for positive change. As a Design Strategist and Creative Facilitator, he focuses on social innovation, human-centered design, and purpose-driven initiatives that create positive change in the world. He also teaches at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. View his work here.

A side note
You might noticed the older posts refer to my excursions as Unplug & Ride, which was the name of the first version of this site. After a few solo bike tours, I realized I wanted to expand my ways of unplugging, so I dropped the “Ride” and renamed the blog to UnplugYou.